A Commitment to Unrivaled Optics

The LaCroix name is synonymous with quality precision optics. Celebrating our 70th year in business in 2017, two generations of family leadership have placed LaCroix Optical Co. as one of the premier independent precision optical manufacturers in America. A third generation of leadership is in place to take LaCroix Precision Optics into the future.

One thing that will not change is our concern for detail, exceptional quality, and almost legendary customer service which is evident in every lens, achromat, window, mirror, prism, and wedge that we ship. And it’s our consistent quality and outstanding customer service that has positioned LaCroix Precision Optics as an industry leader.

Ray LaCroix, Jr., President and Kirk Warden, Executive Vice-President
Ray LaCroix, Jr., President and Kirk Warden, Executive Vice-President

Industries We Serve


The majority of precision optics we produce are for biomedical applications. Our customers depend on our optics for surgical lasers, micro surgery, ophthalmology and endoscopy equipment. We are ISO 9001:2008-certified, and our ability to adjust our manufacturing schedule makes it possible to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customer MRP programs.


Over 30% of the optics we manufacture are used in the defense industry. Threat detection, laser target designators and sighting systems are just a few of the applications that use our optics. Our ability to manufacture to precise tolerances, and to comply with the strict documentation and testing requirements, positions us as one of the leading suppliers of defense-related optics. We're registered with the DDTC and is compliant with all ITAR regulations. If necessary we can apply for and provide a DSP 5 license for foreign contractors from U.S. government-approved friendly nations.


Optical components manufactured by us are used in a vast array of scientific instruments that help with new drug discovery, life sciences research, even mapping the Human Genome. From Microscopes to Spectrophotometers, the optics we manufacture are working along the outer boundaries of science.


Many customers use our optical components for industrial applications such as measurement and control, optical sensors, and machine vision.


We manufacture precision optics for the high-end “prosumer” astronomy market. Our optics are used in devices that improve telescope performance. In fact, our optics were used in systems that were featured at a recent White House Star Gazing party.