In-House Coating

Our ability to custom coat your optics in-house provides you with an all-inclusive optics manufacturing partner. This means we can personally ensure quality throughout and meet quicker turnaround times. LaCroix’s engineers can use a stock coating or create a custom coating to meet your specifications. From ARs and HRs to beamsplitters and cut-off filters, high-performance coatings deliver exceptional value. Deposition coating technologies include resistive heat, electron-beam, ion-assisted and plasmaassisted. Coatings can be deposited in a wide working range of 300 to 2100nm.

We conduct in-house environmental testing to ISO 9211-1:1994E, MIL-F-48616, MIL-O-13830A, MILC-675C, MIL-C-48497A and MIL-M-13508C specifications for, but not limited to: adhesion, abrasion, humidity, temperature and solubility. Laser damage testing is also available upon customer request.

Coating is not just an afterthought in our processes. We’ve invested heavily in the capacity to coat our optics to the same high standards that we grind, polish and measure them. LaCroix can do the entire job for you all in one place.


  • Aluminum
  • Enhanced Aluminum
  • Dielectric
    • Hot & Cold Mirrors
    • Cut-off Filters
    • Beamsplitters
    • Bandpass Filters


  • Multi-layer
  • ‘V’ Coats
  • Ultra Broadband
  • Hydrophobic
  • MgF2